2008 INCC Convention Review

2008 INCC Convention Review

by Jess Berry

trioThe 2008 INCC Convention was held July 31-August 2 at the Embassy Suites in Dublin (Columbus), Ohio. Since the Noritake Club held their convention at the same location just prior to ours, several people attended both functions. Itwas good to have the opportunity to visit with people I hadn’t seen in several years.

After a 5-day drive, we finally arrived at Embassy Suites on Sunday the 27th, and as usual there were INCC members there ahead of us. Monday & Tuesday were devoted entirely to visiting with friends and preparing for the coming festivities.

The young and handsome were in attendence
The young and the beautiful also attended

At 1:00 pm Wednesday, a meeting of the current INCC Board was held. Also from 2:00 to 4:00 pm the registration desk was set-up in the lobby for pick-up of welcome packages. Then at 7:00 pm the hospitality room was open for “goodies” and visiting. Goldie Watkins was in charge of hospitality and she and her helpers did a wonderful job. The rest of the evening was free for buying, selling or whatever one liked.



Thursday at 9:30 am was the First-Time Attendees Orientation giving by incoming President Bill Chvala. At 10:00 am we met for the general meeting. President Bob Schoenherr introduced members of the current Board:

yell shirt Bill Chvala - President Elect
Dick Bittner - Vice President
Julie Kimelman- Treasurer
Bruce Addision- Secretary
Tomoaki Takeuchi- Past President
Judy Boyd- Director & Editor
Goldie Watkins- Director
Jerry Service- Director
Maggie Schoenherr- Publisher (Non-Board Member)

The fourth Director, Linda Lau was not present. Following introductions were reports from the Treasurer, Vice President-Membership Chairman and the editor.

Bruce Addison gave election results for the coming year:

couple Dick Bittner-
President Elect

Bob Zangmeister- Director

Cheri Zangmeister- Director meeting

The location and date for the 2009 Convention will be Embassy Suites in Cleveland, Ohio from July 30-August 1. The 2010 Convention will be held in Pittsburgh, PA from July 29 -31.

President Schoenherr advised that due to general price increases for 2009, the convention registration fee will increase from $85 to $95. Also, yearly memberships will increase from $30 to $35. He then gave information on activities for the convention and reminded everyone to buy raffle tickets. Being raffled was the beautiful afghan made by Gloria Addison as numerous other prizes. The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am.joan indian

The 11:00 am program was entitled “Egyptian Escapades” by Jess Berry. Using Nippon pieces featuring Egyptian-style decoration, we took a cruise down the Nile visiting tombs, temples and a portrait gallery.

The next program at 2:00 pm was given by Yoshi Itani, author of a recent book on coralene. She gave an informative lecture on porcelain over-glazing and the trading company of Nagoya; explaining where pieces were produced, how they were decorated and the progression of quality in workmanship. Examples of the items and back stamps were shown.

At 3:00 pm we were introduced to “Princess Nippotake of the Moriage Tribe” (Joan Van Patten in full costume) who gave a presentation on American Indians as depicted on Nippon. Showing photos she identified many scenes taken from well-known paintings and ended with the marvelous plaques and humidors featuring Chiefs Sitting Bull, Red Cloud and Joseph.

At 7:00 pm we were treated to a buffet dinner, after which Bob announced items to be auctioned - an obi, several pieces of jewelry made from porcelain, a haori and a wall hanging. Dick Bittner was the auctioneer and he was quite good at convincing the crowd to spend money. Items sold were as follows:

Convention Queen Louise necklace
Queen Louise necklace/earrings
Arab & Camel necklace
Necklace made from a piece of Joan’s broken urn
Wall hanging featuring Wisteria Vase (Purchased by Goldie Watkins)

All items auctioned had been donated and total amount went to the INCC. Bob closed the activities with a reminder that Friday was auction day and check-in would begin at 7:30 am. With that we were free to buy, sell & visit.

Promptly at 7:30 am, Doris and her auction crew were ready to receive items. Preview of sale pieces was at 9:30 am with the actual auction starting at 10:30. Once Doris reminded us of the auction rules, Bob introduced the auctioneer, Kevin Berchett and the auction began. Following is a partial listing of items that were sold (sizes and descriptions are approximate):

8” Vase, cobalt & floral
9” Vase, coralene
9” Plate, red & gold
Mug, scenic
4-piece Smoke Set, ships
6” Vase, cobalt & scenic
Humidor, scenic panels
10” Vase. floral & gold
Pair Candlesticks, floral
10” Lidded Urn, floral & gold
5” Vase, camel scene
Lampbase, Wedgwood
Mug, owl
Ewer, floral
6” Vase, moriage birds
Ashtray, molded relief horses
7-piece Tea Set, moriage dragons
Shallow Bowl 10”, floral
8” Vase, floral
Ashtray, scenic
5-piece Berry set
3” Figural Doll
16” Bolted Urn, floral 10” Vase, roses Humidor, owl
9-piece Chocolate Set, floral
Sardine Dish
7” Vases, pair, painted bird
9” Bowl with pedestal base, floral
Large Powder Box
Bolted Urn, 16”, blue with floral
10” Plate, scenic
10” Plaque, ship scene
18” Vase, sheep scene
Pair 8” Vases, floral
14” Bolted Urn, green with roses & gold
9” Vase, floral
12” Tankard, moriage on blue
Footed Tea Pot
9” Plate, Queen Louise
Tiny Vase, 3 1/2”, scenic
Plaque, molded relief eagle
14” Tankard, floral
Chocolate Set, 5 c/s, floral
Humidor, molded apollo & dogs

blue vase

victorianThe first program Saturday morning at 9:00 am was Lady Chattalot (Joan Van Patten) on Customs in Victorian England. She was in authentic Victorian clothing and using a wide array of items (some Nippon) from her collection, proceeded to explain Victorian manners and behavior. (I think we’re all lucky not to have lived in that era.)dick

At 10:00 am it was African Adventure by Dick Bittner. Dressed appropriately, he took us on a trip to Monrovia, Liberia showing photos of the city, camels, lions, snakes and he & Mary Ellen, his wife, riding on elephants. He then displayed mirror image pairs of well-recognized Nippon vases and plaques (extremely rare find in Nippon porcelain) which were supposedly to be found in Monrovia. He had us fooled for awhile, but with the sight of the well-known molded Lion and Lioness going in opposite directions on plaques, I think most of us began to “smell a rat”. He got a big laugh admitting it was all a big spoof done with trick photography.

Next at 11:00 was Going Dutch with Judy Boyd. She explained the relationship between the Japanese and the Dutch East India Trading Company using Nippon pieces. Dutch dolls, ships, windmills & shoes appeared with a running commentary.

The program at 2:00 pm was Selling & Buying on eBay with a panel consisting of Susan Chvala, Julie Kimelman and Tomo Takeuchi. They answered questions on buying, selling, feedback and what effect eBay has had on quality in shops and at conventions.


The final program at 3:00 was “International Beauties, Rarities and Other Seldom Seen Objects” chaired by Dawn Fisher and Jess Berry. Items on display were: “Thingies” (little match holders???), Tea Caddy with upside down flying swans, an 8” Toy Bolted Urn (perhaps a salesman’s sample), 3-faced Indian Humidor (molded relief), Muscle man shaped vase with white cockatoo, Molded relief Fisherman tankard, Coralene Vase, Coralene Chocolate Set, Toothbrush holder (odd shape), Hatpin holder with advertising, Ashtray with porcelain spokes in cover, Egyptian Box (molded relief), Egyptian Inkwell (molded relief), 10” Plaque featuring a moriage grasshopper, Large Humidor with moriage skull and crossbones, Small Plate with painted bird, Plaque with moriage birds (decorated with two moriage birds and “cookie-cutter” moriage leaves). On the reverse were some stamped numbers and no mark. According to Japanese authority it was manufactured in the 1950-60 era. It was definitely not Nippon era. presidents

At 7:00 pm the group gathered for the banquet which was the final event of the convention. After dinner came the time for the raffle drawing. There were many items to be won - afghan, books, t-shirts, cards, haori and many surprise packages. The first ticket drawn was for the wonderful afghan made by Gloria Addison and the winner was Kimiharu Yamazaki. The many other prizes were were announced, some people winning more than once. After the drawing, Bobb no beardJennifer Cavedo, on behalf of the Dixieland Chapter, presented Bob a gift and thanked him for his work as President this past year. Bob then thanked the many people who helped with the convention - with a special thanks to Maggie. He also thanked everyone for coming and invited them all to come to Cleveland next year

It was a good convention and we hope to see you all next summer.

INCC 2008 Auction Review

by Doris Myers

dorisI cannot believe how rapidly the annual INCC Convention rolls around. I also cannot believe how fortunate I am to have members join me year after year to pull together all aspects of the auction that make for a rewarding day for the attending Nippon collectors.

This year, as in years past, was not a disappointment for members seeking beautiful Nippon to add to their collections. the auctioneer, Keith Burchett of Auction Ohio Gallery at the Southpointe Market Place in Columbus, gave us some mid-west humor as he set a nice pace for the auction. He and Gloria Addison had a nice exchange about her Boston accent. It was a pleasure to have him with us for the day.

Again, my list is long for the members who served on the committees and I wish to thank each one of you for giving your time to assist with the auction:

RUNNERS - Bill Boyd, Chairperson, Roger Hahn, Gloria Addison, Dick Bittner, Tomo Takeuchi, Bob Zangmeister

AUCTION SET-UP - Cheri Zangmeister, Marie Letizia, Rilla Clock, Jean Roberts

CHECK-IN - Jess Berry, Chairperson, Bob Schoenherr, Greeter at the door, Jerry Service, Lenny Taylor, Valerie Herts, Jeff Mattison

CLERKS - Julie Kimelman, Dawn Fisher, Jeff Mattison

STICKER COMMITTEE - B.J. Longest, Chairperson, Polly Frye, Virginia Hensley, Mary Ellen Bittner, Nelda Newburn

HOLDING AREA - Gary Graves, Chairperson, Lewis Longest, Ken Schirm

REVIEW PANEL - Jess Berry, Chairperson, Nat Goldstein, Terrie Kempe, Joan Van Patten, Susan Chvala

We are pleased with results of the move from a Saturday to a Friday auction. This was the second year and the members seem happy to be able to view the items earlier in the convention schedule. The meetings continue on Saturday and the banquet that evening sends everyone home with happy memories of another successful convention.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year. If you have not yet attended a convention, please plan to join us in the near future.

We thank you again for your interest & look forward to your joining our friendly family of Nippon enthusiasts!

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