There are many reasons why a membership in the International Nippon Collectors Club is so beneficial. One of the very best things about belonging to the INCC is meeting so many fellow collectors who share a common interest.

Thank you for your interest in the International Nippon Collectors' Club. INCC members receive four issues of The INCC E-Journal every year. In addition, we publish & provide each member with a Membership Directory. Membership also entitles you to join us at our annual highlight event, The INCC Convention & Auction. Our conventions, held in differing locations, include two full days of instructional programs culminating on day three with an auction in which some of the most varied and beautiful Nippon in existence is bought and sold. The membership fee is $25 per household which includes all publications for the membership year.

New members are joining every month and we welcome you into our Nippon "family". Please indicate on the "sponsor" line of the membership application how you heard about our club - i.e. club member (name), newspaper (title), website, etc. As soon as we receive your application, we will mail current copies & future issues of our publications throughout your membership period.

Benefits of Club Membership

  • Meet other Nippon enthusiasts & make friends around the country
  • Receive the electronic, full-color INCC E-Journal published four times per year
  • Have a forum through which to have your Nippon questions answered
  • Attend our Annual Convention, Auction & visit in-room sellers

We thank you again for your interest & look forward to your joining our friendly family of Nippon enthusiasts!

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