Nippon Publications

Education is a key component of the International Nippon Collectors' Club (INCC) mission.
Reading and research are two of the best ways to learn about Nippon. Seeing and handling, of course, are the other important ways to improve your Nippon education. So, where do you turn to learn? The INCC, through our publications, conventions and local chapter meetings, provides an excellent source of current information. Your other guaranteed resource is through reading materials - those books that have been published that deal exclusively with Nippon porcelain. With that in mind, the INCC has put together a list of books that you will find beneficial in learning more about Nippon; although some of the book information is dated, the older publications still present some lovely pieces.

Book Title
The ABC's of Collecting Nippon Porcelain Joan Van Patten 2005
The Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon7th Series Joan Van Patten 2002
The Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon 6th Series Joan Van Patten 2000
Nippon Dolls and Playthings Joan Van Patten & Linda Lau 2001
The Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon 5th Series Joan Van Patten 1998
The Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon 4th Series Joan Van Patten 1997
The Wonderful World of Nippon Porcelain Kathy Wojciechowski  1992
The Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon 3rd Series Joan Van Patten 1986
The Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon 2nd Series Joan Van Patten 1982
Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain Joan Van Patten 1979
Nippon Hand Painted China Gene Loendorf  1975
The Enchantment of Hand Painted Nippon Paul & Candace Lima  1971
Nippon Hand Painted China Dorotha Robinson  1971
The Colorful World Of Nippon Florence Meyer  1971

The best way to stay up-to-date on Nippon news and information is by attending the yearly INCC Convention. We also publish & provide the INCC Journal at least twice a year. To receive these publications or to attend the INCC Convention, you must be a member of the INCC. Go to the "Membership" page to get an application.