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  1. Ken Steadman
    | Reply

    What a great addition of the Journal index! Categorization subject listing covers almost any special interest! Big thank you extended. Ken Steadman Membership Chair

  2. Wanda Kushner
    | Reply

    New to this site.Looking at index ,how do you access an article? Clicking on article title does not bring article up…Thank you.

    • Ken Steadman
      | Reply

      Hi Wanda
      Thank you again for joining. I have just approved you for access to the articles. Can you try to open them for your reading pleasure. I think if you click on the E-Journal copy it will bring up a page for you to access all journals on the site. Let me know if you have a problem. I am without Computer just now so use the Library and may not get any messages immediately. Best Regards Ken

  3. Ken Steadman
    | Reply

    Hi Wanda
    Late response but hope you were able to access the info you wanted to refer.


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