Welcome to the exciting world of collecting Nippon Porcelain!

The International Nippon Collectors Club (INCC) was founded in 1982 by a group of Nippon enthusiasts with a vision to form an organization through which fellow collectors with a common interest in Nippon could exchange knowledge and share friendship. Little did they know that this once small group would expand to a membership representing virtually every state as well as Canada and Japan.

Benefits of Club Membership

  • Meet other Nippon enthusiasts & make friends around the country
  • Receive the tri-annual, full-color INCC Journal
  • Have a forum through which to have your Nippon questions answered
  • Attend our Annual Convention, Auction & visit in-room sellers
  • Receive the INCC E-News – 6 publications a year

We thank you again for your interest & look forward to your joining our friendly family of Nippon enthusiasts!

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Email us at inccquestions@aol.com


  • We will be in the Embassy Suites, August 3-5 in Columbus, OH.
  • We have excellent programs that features lots of Nippon.
  • There will be wonderful Nippon for sale in the rooms and in our annual auction. Last year the auction featured over 400 lots.
  • You will not find better quality Nippon ANYWHERE!!!!

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